I was born in Riga, Latvia January 14, 1983.

Education: 1994-1998 a student of Riga Center basic school of Applied Arts. I am thankful to the teachers of this school for developing the love to arts in my heart.

1998-2003 a student of Riga secondary school of Design and Arts. There I acquired the processing of glass.

2003- 2007 a student of Latvia Academy of Arts, Painting department; graduated being awarded a Bachelor’s degree in painting.

2007-2009 a student of Latvia Academy of Arts, Painting department; graduated being awarded a Master’s degree in painting.

Since 2010 a student of Tsering Art School, Kathmandu, Nepal. Here I am mastering the sacral Tibetan painting.

I started seriously practicing arts only at the Riga Centre basic school of Applied Arts. I cannot remember myself drawing all the time in early childhood however I preferred being alone putting on the paper my experiences.

As a painter I can be inspired by everything and everyone, by all taken together. Certainly the center of my creativity is a human being- a person as a phenomenon in development. Man in continium of changes always surprises, turns out to be a riddle for others never being fully guessed. I prefer traveling being a passionate observer and photographer of people. Later on I use photos as a source of inspiration for my pictures, depicting the essence of humans through my own vision. To say the truth, I enjoy not only painting the exterior world of men, but also reveling their inner one which I try to grasp in our interaction and communication process. I can say that my discourse is searching. Being open to changes, I try to get out of usual frames of painting techniques, at present being grasped by the idea to create three dimensional objects.